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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


 PRESS  RELEASE Kent County Council Election Candidate calls for Abolition of KCC

Ramsgate Independent KCC election candidate, Ian Driver, is calling for the abolition of KCC and arguing for its replacement by a new East Kent Coastal Council (EKCC).

“KCC is old-fashioned, expensive and out of touch with the needs of Thanet and East Kent” said Driver,  “ Being ruled from Maidstone by councillors and officers who don’t understand our problems, or appreciate our massive potential, means that we will never get a fair deal”.

“I believe that a new East Kent Coastal Council made up of  a merger of Thanet, Dover and Shepway District Councils  and possibly Canterbury City Council,  should replace KCC. This is already beginning to happen. Thanet, Dover, Shepway and Canterbury councils are sharing services like housing, human resources, IT, planning. So why stop there? A new unitary council in East Kent could eliminate large areas of  service duplication which will save the taxpayers £millions”.

Most important of all said Driver “a new East Kent Coastal Council  will be run by councillors and officers  who live in the area and genuinely understand the needs of our communities and the possibilities for developing business opportunities and the talents of our people. This has got to be more effective than depending upon faceless bureaucrats in Maidstone”.

If elected on May 2nd Driver will immediately launch a  major public campaign to replace KCC with a new style local authority in East Kent.
Driver has also published an election blogsite which sets out his policies for the forthcoming KCC election






  1. How can you stand for election to a council you do not believe should exist? Even if elected you will be a lone voice in the wilderness unlikely to have any impact. Conservatives will not support you because they already control KCC and Labour will not because, whilst they have a chance of power in Thanet, they would have none in a merged East Kent.

    Surely, if this is what you truly believe, you can have more impact as a Thanet District councillor and committee chairman than as a one off lone voice in Maidstone.

    Not against the idea of an East Kent unitary authority operating down through town and parish councils, but TDC is the one to go, not county level.

    1. Tom there is an old saying that change comes from within. If elected I will be well placed to use my experiences at KCC to justify why there is a better option. UKIP have adopted a similar approach with the EU and it appears to work. Not that I support the politics on UKIP, apart from the need to leave the EU

  2. So, you want us to vote you leader of KCC but you also want to abolish it? I'm confused.