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Monday, 22 April 2013


At Margate Magistrates Court today Gerard Bane  from Ramsgate was found not guilty of breaching  Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986 whilst protesting  against live animal exports at the Port. Gerrard is the third protester to be found not guilty of breaches of the Public Order, To date the Kent Police have failed to convict a single campaigner of breaking the  Public Order Act. The failure to convict anyone goes to show that the campaign against live animal exports from the port of Ramsgate is, contrary to Police reports, a peaceful campaign.

For several months the  Police have adopted a very strict approach towards the peaceful protests at the Port. The have issued orders and served notices upon  campaigners for no good reason. Many people believe that the Police have abused their powers, denying democratic freedoms  and  over reacting to a peaceful protest.

One of the protesters, Mr Reg Bell, met with the Kent Police Commissioner Anne Barnes in February to tell her of  his concerns about how the demonstrations at the Port are being managed by the Police. Anne Barnes said she would look into the issues raised by Mr Bell and take them up with the Chief Constable Ian Learmouth. Well 3 months later and 3 letters from Mr Bell later, nothing more has been heard from the so-called police commissioner.

This is totally unacceptable. The Police Commissioner is supposed hold the Chief Constable to account. But when she is presented with clear evidence of over-zealous policing, despite her promises to take action, she sits back and does nothing.

So much for Anne Barnes concerns for basic democratic rights. So much for her promises to investigate concerns about policing. Perhaps  Anne Barnes is more concerned with defending foolish 17 year olds who allegedly  send violent, racist and homophobic tweets, than innocent people prosecuted at great public expense by a Police force she is supposed to hold to account. Nice one Anne

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  1. They just don't get it do they Ian?

    Back in 2009 one of us stood firm against a Police Officer and reported him, as he had been harassing us for years where we meet up on the Eastcliff. Every now and again he would pick on individuals by shining a torch in their/our faces with a dog straining on his leash, and asked what we/they were doing out at said time of night? (never mind about groups of young people out and about doing their own thing at all hours!).

    Anyhow, we sensed he was loosing it one evening when he did this to one of us, and he was challenged forcefully by our friend. The PC came back the following evening and about five of us were waiting for him and caught him in the act. I have a copy of the restricted report on his disciplinary. He is sorry, apparently, but obviously not sorry enough to apologise to us in person.

    I don't blame him but his handlers, and ultimately our political representatives. Soon after this, that nasty little multi-agency "Ramsgate neighbourhood Panel" stuck twin halogen lamps up at Winterstoke Gardens where we meet so we are all lit up like candleabras now. It is supposed to be a conservation area and is totally out of keeping. There are no records kept of the meeting that led to this decision of this forum ran by Kent Police, and David Green has not got back to me about this.

    I spoke to Mick Bates of TDC Maintenance soon after this was installed, and he admitted there was a deliberate policy of not maintaining the area to "move the problem along"!?

    He left his post not long after.