My KCC Election Manifesto & Video

Wednesday, 3 April 2013



  1. Its ok that Zita Wiltshire has joined UKIP, despite being elected as a Tory, because she is heterosexual.

    Bob Bayford demanded that Cllr Worrow call a by-election because he had the cheek to ask for equality YET never called for ex-Cllr Ezekiel to resign. So its ok joining UKIP or being a criminal as long as you don't ask for equal rights for gays

    1. A very strange interpretation. Cllr Wiltshire has served the Conservative party for many years and has also been a council colleague of Cllr Bayford for a very long time. Disillusioned by the Cameron leadership, she has left the party. In my view she should stand for re-election under her new colours.

      Cllr Worrow briefly was a Conservative and very quickly left the party once elected under its colours. Unlike Cllr Wiltshire he does not have a long record of service to the party nor relationships built with fellow Conservatives over years. He too should be required to seek the endorsement of his change by the electrorate in his ward.

      Cllr Ezekiel was charged with a criminal offence and, as such, was allowed the presumption of innocence until the conclusion of his trial. In my view he should be compelled to vacate his seat on conviction although, I understand, there is a time limit set on this.

      All are very different cases, but the fact remains that the electorate are poorly served by councillors who change their spots during their term of office and should never be represented by convicted criminals.

      At least Cllr Driver is now sxtanding honestly as an independent.

  2. Tom Clarke thinks that prejudice is not so bad if it is against someone that has not been a party member since 1808