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Monday, 17 June 2013


Secretary of State Eric Pickles’ decision to give the go-ahead for a 82,000 sq foot Tesco superstore on Margate seafront has been condemned by Thanet Green Party.  Green Party Thanet District Councillor, Ian Driver, said “Less than a month ago Mary Portas was on national TV singing the praises of Margate High Street and it’s massive potential for the growth and regeneration of small businesses. She, like the Green Party, gave evidence to the public consultation on the proposed Tesco development saying it would go against everything positive Margate is and could be.  This ill-conceived decision has put paid to her optimism and it's very likely that more small shops and businesses in the Margate area will be put out of business by yet another Tesco supermarket in Thanet that many people don't want.

“The Green Party has long been campaigning against the overwhelming power of the major supermarkets, which have destroyed many more jobs than they have ever created as well as stifled the development of small business.  We are very disappointed that most TDC councillors have either remained silent on the issue of the superstore or, like  local MP Roger Gale, are supporting the development despite the massive over saturation of supermarkets in Thanet. Even though the Secretary of State has approved the plans this doesn’t mean that the  store will be built and we will be working closely with local campaigners to stop the Margate superstore”.


  1. Whether the store goes ahead or not, other than for the forthcoming JR, depends on the Labour Cabinet. If the Cabinet who objected in the first place do not want it to go forward, all they have to do is refuse to sign the development agreement. Perhaps then, they would look seriously at taking action against the many and long standing breaches of lease conditions which they have allowed and encouraged, and which have lead to the appalling eyesore that exists today. There is absolutely no good reason for the Council to have encouraged the site to deteriorate as it has. Arlington House should be well maintained, the desperately needed car park should be open and the shops should all be occupied and in good condition.

    1. It's often the case with long building leases like this that permission for redevelopment can't be 'unreasonably refused'.

  2. And the tooth fairy should pay £10 a tooth.

    Margate has plenty of parking, nobody want to runa shop in Arlington, because nobody wants to shop there, and hasn't for decades. These a simple yet very obvious truths.

  3. Ian, are you going to be honest and include an accurate picture?

  4. Where is your evidence for saying most people don't want it? Certain vociferous rent-a-quotes and activists don't, but the majority of ordinary folk I have spoken to are in favour.

  5. Have a look at the Isle Of Thanet Gazette facebook page; every time Tesco is mentioned around 80% come out in favour of it (including today's post).

  6. The first thing you see when you come into margate from the nayland rock is a high rise prison block, stalagmite, something that wouldn't go unnoticed if it was moved next to stonehenge.. its an eyesore, tesco are going to do this area up, and people are against it... why, you want people to come to margate... not go around it and end up elsewhere..

  7. Does anyone know how much the various appeals and court cases have cost the tax payer so far? Thanks.