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Monday, 26 August 2013

Ramsgate Isa Shanty Town

I read last week about how Ramsgate is the fourth most deprived seaside town in England and to prove the point it has its own Shanty Town which I visited last night. I must say I was well impressed. Set in some old arches just beyond the Pleasurama site , Shanty Town is one of the most unique nite spots I've visited in long while. The knazi's are bit primitive and buying a drink involves tokens, and it was hot, very hot, but the place was heaving with a great atmosphere and of course the music - lots of heavy dub which I haven't heard for a long time .
A club like this is well overdue in Thanet and I a am sure it will go from strength to strength to strength. It just shows what creativity and energy there is in Thanet. If the powers that be can tap into and encourage this energy Thanet could soon become a rival to Brighton. Shanty Town is I hope the shape of many things to come. People with drive and imagination doing it for themselves and in the process helping to regenerate the island.
Good on you Shanty Town I will be going again and again and again 


  1. Were the khazis a bit primitive Ian or was that a Freudian slip ref TDC? :-)

  2. The town will be better when it gets all the cash from 'Fracking'