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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ramsgate Sheep Massacre First Anniversay

Today I attended a  gathering outside the now derelict Ramsgate Port to mark the first anniversary of the slaughter of 47 sheep. About 40 people were there. I still find it hard to believe that our so-called civilised society can treat the sentient beings with whom we share our world in such a cruel and barbaric way.

There is likely to be a shipment of animals leaving Dover tomorrow morning and I hope to be joining the protest. Thank goodness for the caring and compassionate people
who make a stand against this evil trade. I know many of them personally. They are not extremists, they are not fools. They are ordinary people who care about their world. I know how determined they are to stop this barbarity  ad I know they are right.

Thank goodness for the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming.

Shame on Dover Harbour Board for refusing to let the RSPCA observe the loading of the animals.


  1. Lord above me I wish I could get there it makes me sad to think of what these poor defenceless animals are facing and if there is a god I hope he punishes the people who do these barbaric acts

  2. thank you Ian for caring. Not many people in power do. This trade is disgusting and you are right just pure shock at what is going on.

  3. Your top photo of blood spattered bodies is irreconcilable with the Ramsgate Port Manager Robert Brown's stated attitude to the income derived by Thanet District Council from the live exports through the Port of Ramsgate that "a pound is a pound".

  4. You have to remind us who it was that killed these 47 sheep.

  5. The incompetant RSPCA were responsible for all but one of the deaths....strip them of the royal prefix!!

  6. Well said Ian this trade will be stopped one day , we will not give in Rob x