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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Disabled Pensioner Thrown Out of Council Meeting for Filming

Here is a film which shows a 71 year old disabled pensioner being thrown out of a  Tower Hamlets Council meeting earlier this year for filming. This is exactly what Thanet Council does to people who want to film meetings. Appalling anti-democratic fools!


  1. Just like TDC: relying on secrecy and bureaucratic bullshat to cover up their incompetence and corruption

  2. I'm a disabled pensioner too and I was chucked out for filming! we're easy targets
    Christine Tongue

  3. My hero! He stuck it out longer than I did.

  4. Has Pickles seen this?
    What is his comment?

  5. Tower Hamlets is a Labour controlled council, as is TDC. This is the same party that frogmarched Walter Wolfgang out of their 2007 conference. Nothing changes does it.

  6. Sorry mate - you are mistaken - it is not Tower Hamlets, more like Teheran
    And yes I have been there - I know. You are lucky you have not been deported to Thanet.
    Eric Pickles couldn't care less - he will be gone soon anyway