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Monday, 11 November 2013

Character Assassination & Abuse on the Rates

I am appalled by Thanet Council's latest press release on the Royal Pavilion here The document, quite improperly names a local business woman  making  critical, and what I would term abusive, comment about her. In all of my local government  experience  I do not recall ever seeing a press release quite like this one. I think that Thanet Council should withdraw this release with immediate effect and apologise to the businesswoman.

It is normal practice for Council press releases to be approved by the relevant Cabinet portfolio holder which is in this case is Ramsgate Councillor Rick Everitt. If Councillor Everitt did approve this press release then he should also apologise to the business woman.

This intemperate  corporate outburst is the latest in a series of bully-boy posturings  by senior political leaders of Thanet District Council.  Councillor Allan Poole  is already well know for sending
dismissive e-mails and sniggering at people at public meetings who disagree with him about the Pleasurama development. Everitt is  in the habit of writing letters to the press making  vicious personal attacks upon those who disagree with him, especially over  the  TransEuropa Ferries debt scandal. These people were elected to represent Thanet residents  not to attack, criticise, humiliate and bully them. They certainly were not elected to allow taxpayers money to be spent  on the publication of  offensive press releases on the TDC website!

I suspect that these  outburst of anger are motivated by the fact that the Thanet Council Cabinet Members know that they are wrong on Pleasurama, TansEuropa Ferries and the lease of the Royal Pavilion. Instead of listening to and working with local people to put these mistakes right, they blame the previous administration and turn on anyone who has the temerity to disagree or propose alternatives. This is a dangerous culture to promote in a public body like the Council. People with ideas are cowed into silence, people are too frightened to disagree or suggest alternatives. People turn a blind eye to bad practice and corruption for fear or reprisal.  Is this what we want?

I have written to the Chief Executive asking for the press release to be taken down from the TDC website and for an explanation of how the release was approved.

Here is an appropriate song for the political bosses and senior officers at the Council who let this rubbish happen


  1. Stop show-boating. I followed your link to the press release and read nothing but an account of negotiations. How on earth do you consider that to be character assassination?

  2. you have the audacity, when all you do is unfairly talk rubbish and untruths about many people, pot kettle black

  3. No 20:39 Ian is right this is self-serving nonsense by TDC. There have never been any viewings and doubts that it has been advertised at all. While TDC and Rank's complicity in allowing the Pavilion to become and remain derelict is concerning. The Localism Act already covers the Pavilion. Ramsgate has been failed yet again.

  4. The link you posted Ian simply seems to go to a statement by TDC detailing what's happening in connection with the sale of the lease of the Pavillion. Isn't that the "open and transparent" approach that you suggest TDC should use? Not really sure what your complaint is here.

  5. Another day, another bandwagon and yet another photo of our local big ego with a loud voice. It is far better to keep quiet and look like an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it. Time to grow up Mr Driver. Just because we have free speech it doesn't mean you have to grab it in bulk.