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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Panther Securities plc are the  company carrying  out the illegal demolition works at Ramsgate High Street which, today, led to the collapse of a building onto the street. It was sheer luck that no-one was  hurt, injured or worse.

Andrew Perloff is the Chairman of Panther Securities plc. As Thanet Watch recently pointed out Perloff has over the years  become  well known for his out-spoken criticisms  of  the planning system and those involved in it. In his "Chairman's Ramblings" in Panther's latest 2012  Annual Reports he says

"Many thousands of people wait and wait and wait for planning permissions in months and years of agonising frustration whilst the councillors and bureaucrats live the high life, in easy jobs with generous pensions, partly paid for when they collect their share of the scavenging rights now called parking revenues (charges and fines)"  - and .

 "Across our country those who have survived the long wait for planning permission find that in return for the right to develop – the local petty Hitlers are demanding the use of either half the block of flats or houses to be built for community use (i.e., at a loss), a new library,road, public hall, meeting room, money for parking places (never built), new parks, statues, grants, even mini tunnels for newts!".
It's often said that rot sets in from the top. In the case of Panther this   seems to be the case. Perloff's persistent and vitriolic criticism of planning rules and planning staff appears to have  established a culture and practice within his company whereby planning rules are flouted and bent. This explains why, despite warning from the Council,   his workers have over recent weeks  deliberately and repeatedly  ignored planning rules at Ramsgate High Street. This arrogant disregard of  the law almost led to a major tragedy on Ramsgate's High Street today! This a culture that could kill!
I have said it before and will say it again, I hope Perloff and his cronies are prosecuted and I hope that his company and any other company engaged in these disgraceful events are punished to the full extent of the law.

Here is a link to Perloff defending Starbucks for non payment of tax. He is also a major UKIP funder.



  1. Their action I believe is criminal in HSE terms. Although no-one was hurt physically..the irresponsibilty is utterly extreme. TDC appear to have been complicit by their inaction despite warnings. An injuction to stop anyone from Panther, employees etc should be instituted tomorrow morning. The site made safe and RICS survey of all adjacent properties carried out.

  2. I don't know what you've done to your blog Ian but I can only read it (with great difficulty) by scrolling from left to right!

  3. criminal? your not wrong. lets start with illegal closure of a public highway for starters

  4. Criminal or not (although I think it is) I would take a side bet that there will be no punishment - or at the very worst a slap on the wrists. We should be talking about a significant financial penalty as this is the only punishment these guys understand. BUT i wont hold my breath.... Jack S@$£ will be done!

  5. Considering you had previously written to McGonigal at TDC that there was an illegal demolition in progress isn't the Council in the dock for not checking out the site and or failing to notice the dangerous structure adjacent to the High Street which so easily could have killed?

  6. I have formed the opinion that our council officers and councillors are puppets with the developers and business men pulling the strings.

  7. The council and councillors are totally out of their depth! Redeploy the good staff and call for the set up of a unitary authority...less bloody cosy! However as I write that I'm just thinking that KCC is pretty bizarre too!

  8. Question... Is fraud illegal? is assault illegal? is trespassing illegal? is racism illegal? Is theft illegal? is unauthorized filming illegal?