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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Revealed Thanets Domestic Extremists

Yes here they are folks. Caught on camera in a  room over a pub in Ramsgate last night. Thanet's domestic extremists. Men and women, young and old from around Thanet,  meeting to talk about live animal exports and their campaign to put a stop to this barbaric trade. How many of them are, like
me, being spied on by the Kent and Met Police? How many hours of police time is wasted monitoring the internet activities , e-mail and phone calls made by these people and recording their attendance at demonstrations and perhaps even following some of them? During the course of yesterdays  2 hour meeting I don't recall a single illegal suggestion being made about campaigning activities, but don't take my word for it the meeting was probably bugged.

I read last week, that the Kent Police are likely lose 200 officers next year due to further budget cuts.  Perhaps if the Chief Constable was to review his policing priorities and concentrate on catching real criminals rather than spying on law abiding animal welfare campaigners then fewer officers would be lost.

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