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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Shanty Town, Victoria Pavilion, Pleasurama, Demolition

Shanty Town tonight. I will be going and hope to see some of you there. I'm becoming very  concerned that the Council seem to be turning its back on the high quality local schemes for the redevelopment of the Victoria Pavilion. The Pavilion is one of the most important seafront buildings in Ramsgate and is key to the regeneration of the town. To ignore or fail to properly engage with the people behind these plans is doing Ramsgate a major disservice. Weatherspoons may well be an option, although personally I don't think a mega-pub  is the answer, but the local options must be given full and equal consideration.

At the Cabinet meeting in June which discussed the lease of the Pavilion it was agreed that there would open and transparent commercial marketing exercise of the extended lease. I am beginning to  hear this exercise was not as open and transparent as was agreed.

At last, after numerous complaints from local residents,  the Council has acted about what appears to be illegal demolition on the High Street. If  Panther Ltd has broken the rules then the Council should throw the book at them and I hope, if found guilty,  very heavy penalties are imposed.

Here's my video blog about these issues and a taste of some of the cool grooves we might hear at Shanty Town tonight. See you there

U Roy Natty Rebel - dare you not to dance

Please look at this facebook page for a great idea for the future the Pavilion. A great building needs great ideas!

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