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Friday, 1 November 2013

Undercover Filming at Thanet Council Pleasurama Meeting

Last night I filmed the meeting of  Thanet Council's Pleasurama Task and Finish Group. This is not the entire film, but this section is interesting because  it shows  that despite 11 years of total failure senior council officers are still trying to do a deal with failed developers SFP Ventures. These are the people who have blighted one of the most important areas of Ramsgate's seafront with a bombsite and despite promise after promise have been unable to raise the finance to do all but the basic foundation laying. The people of Ramsgate have made it clear  through a petition of almost 2,000 signatures and  overwhelming opposition to this project at a public meeting in the summer, that they do not want the Pleasurama Development, yet TDC officers and the Labour Party political bosses in Thanet's controlling Cabinet seem hell bent on doing a deal with companies who have let  Ramsgate down and vandalised the  seafront  over the past 11 years.

At least some of the councillors last night are less than happy about SFP Ventures and their appalling track record, but sadly a number of Ramsgate Councillors who are also members of  Thanet Council cabinet are hell bent on pushing through the Pleasurama development, despite what local resident think.

On the question of filming council meetings Thanet District Council are positively medieval in their approach to this subject. Both the Conservative and Labour parties nationally are in favour of filming council meetings and one of our local MPs, Laura Sandys has publicly stated her support for filming at meetings. I have now deliberately broken the Council's ridiculous rules and may do so again.


  1. Nothing to do with the £3 millions they are hoping to get from the sale of the site! That would help to balance the books.

  2. It would be interesting to hear anybody (councillor or otherwise) give one good reason why council meetings should not be filmed and made available in their entirety? We can see film of the House of Commons and select committees. We can see film of other councils. Now, we can even see film of that most arcane institution, the court of appeal. The only explanation I have heard for TDC's continued obstinance is that it's against the council's procedures. However, it used to be illegal for women to vote and for black people to get on the white people's bus. Attitudes and laws change. I know that most councillors look at this site, although they avoid commenting because they are embarrassed about their failings and their inability to justify their conduct. Can any of you explain why you don't just change the rules?