My KCC Election Manifesto & Video

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Urgent Please Vote for Thanet Projects.

 On Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 November please vote for community projects in Broadstairs and Ramsgate to help them wing £50,000 each !! The projects are the Broadstairs Town Shed which is based in Pierremont Park and provides space for mainly older men for DIY activities. The other project is the Friends of Ellington Park Ramsgate to build a wildlife garden in the park.

These are fantastic projects developed by local volunteers. Lets give them all the support we can. Tune into ITV Meridian People's Millions on Monday and Tuesday and vote for Thanet. You know it makes sense!



  1. Seem to recall that the Broadstairs Town Council wanted to build a community centre in Pierremont Park to cater for all kinds of needs. A certain group raised hell in protesting against this because of the alleged loss of parkland. Now we are supposed to support the building of a shed in the very same park. Am I missing something here?

    1. Yes you are missing something, they are going to refurbish an exisiting building left vacant for five years when the DVLA centre closed.