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Sunday, 1 December 2013

John Cooper Clark @Margate Theatre Royal

Must confess that this is the first time I have ever been to  the Theatre Royal. What a brilliant place! Its like a Georgian time-capsule. I hope that they will put on some more shows that will drag me in. John Cooper Clarke, even though he had a bout of flu, was tremendous. I haven't  seen him live since the first time around - 77ish if I remember and some of you around at that time will  correct me if I am wrong but he used to be backed by 2 musicians - the Invisible Girls - I believe - one of whom was the late and great Martin Hannet.

The audience was exactly what I expected. Lots of people around mine and Mrs D's age who were into punk when if first kicked off  and who still have an interest in this phenomena and lots of their kids who mum and dad had  quite rightly brought up to appreciate the incredibly creativity of punk and post-punk - possibly event a smattering of grand-kids.

Cooper Clarke treated us to old and new material, was incredibly funny with it and, apart from the odd Council meeting or two,  I haven't laughed as much in ages


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