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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Thanet Labour Oppose EU Referendum

Last night Thanet Council discussed the following motion

“The future of the UK’s relationship with the European Union is a vitally important issue for the people of East Kent, including Thanet.This Council supports the EU Referendum Bill currently before Parliament which makes provision for the UK to hold a referendum on its membership of the European Union before the end of 2017.”

The Council's ruling Labour Group were clearly whipped to vote  against the motion. The motion was defeated.
Many people in Thanet have strong opinions for and against  membership of the EU. They would welcome an open and frank debate about this important subject and the  opportunity to use their votes to democratically decide what our future with the EU might be.

By voting against the motion  the Thanet Council Labour Group has demonstrated that it  is totally  out of touch with the strong  public interest in our EU membership. By voting against the motion the  Labour Party  is placing itself in opposition to  the right of  the men and women of  Thanet to have an informed debate and democratic referendum on this extremely important issue. This ill-judged decision will be of great comfort to UKIP in forthcoming elections.
The Green Party fully supports a full and frank public debate and vote on our membership of the EU.

I have a recording of the debate which I will post shortly so you can hear how your elected Labour Councillors want to deny your democratic right to have referendum.


  1. Iceland and Norway seem to be doing OK, in fact they are doing better than OK.

    It is only the EU member states that are struggling with crippling debt... something not quite kosher there, surely?

    1. Even more worrying that our South Thanet Labour PPC voted against this motion suggesting that if we send him to Westminster as our MP he will support denying us our democratic right to have a say on our future with Europe.