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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

One Rule for Farage Another for the Rest

So lets get this clear. I do not condone violence of any type. But I intensely  dislike  hypocrisy and double standards.

No matter how twisted, reactionary or plain damn stupid Farage and UKIPs policies are on women in the workplace, lesbians, gays and the weather, fox hunting and of course immigration, it was not right that he was assaulted.

I understand that a suspect was arrested very quickly and has now been bailed.

However, what about Farage's minders? I filmed one of them assaulting a demonstrator who was not obstructing or in any way threating Farage. The person concerned reported the matter to the police shortly after the event.

I do not believe Farage's minder has been contacted by the police. Let alone arrested, charged and bailed for what looks like quite a nasty elbow to the throat.

Where is the equality of justice here? Why should people exercising their legal right to demonstrate  receive a lesser justice than Nigel Farage?

This is not right.

In the meantime the UKIP media spin doctors portray the event as poor Nigel assaulted by the nasty demonstrators. This is not the truth. It is my opinion that the actions of  Farage's minders contributed towards what happened yesterday.

Thank goodness I filmed it. here is the slow motion of the assault which took place before Mr Farage was assaulted. I do not approve of either or any assault but I do think we need a balanced account of what happened.

Last but not least why were there only 2 police officers on duty?


  1. Actually, this action comes after the police cleared two people away from Farage, the tubby homosexual man, earlier seen ostentatiously kissing another for the cameras and who got in Farage's face and would not moved until he was physically moved. Then as Farage entered the building he started shouting kick Farage and UKIP out of Thanet. The idea that the thuggery started only after this action above is false. Additionally, comments to camera, posted by Thane watch showed a motley crew of people saying Farage was dangerous, a fascist and should be stopped. Their placards suggested 'Stamp Out UKIP' a clear reference to the 'Smash the BNP' posters so favoured by the far left and from a similar confrontational perspective.

    As so often with the left, when something happens, they look in any direction, to lay the blame, except that where it belongs. Upbringing, society, inequality, structural forces, the police force, patriarchy, etc etc etc

  2. I don't think any of the groups, inside or outside of the Walpole, looked particularly inviting movements to be a part of? But thank goodness there are people out there who will get out onto the streets to shout about what they believe in, and keep at it too. Imagine how dull it would be if we were all stuck at home just making eloquent points anonymously on the computer! You never know though, I might be "cleared away" one day?

  3. Not sure if this posted, due to the poor Blogger commenting system for non-Google accounts, so:

    Civil disobedience may be pardonable when it involves a state entity, but when the purpose of it is to make life as uncomfortable as possible for other members of the public who wish to have a private meeting, then I think it is particularly objectionable and is certainly not praiseworthy.

    The action, unless it hits the media, usually has a very limited reach, so the oft heard rationale that 'it demonstrates opposition to the public' is generally false. The intention, almost always engaged in by those leaning towards the far-left, is to disrupt and impede the ability of others to organise and meet on their own terms. When enough protesters become involved, the intent frequently turns towards having the original event cancelled through intimidation or due to making it impractical and to make venue holders wary of allowing such meetings in future.

    On this occasion, the situation was exacerbated by a particularly useless local police force, who only become involved and left their canteen after the disruption had occurred.

    1. If it was a private meeting how come so many people knew about it and the TV crews were there, it was good to see Cllr Latchford OBE acting as doorman. I wonder if he is going to put his hand in his pocket over the Trans Europa ferry debacle or had he jumped ship by then.

  4. Anyone for elected office at all ? Aunt Sally duties compulsory.

    I heard that the copper said to the assailant "You look tough almost plaque hard".