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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Manston Green

Comments on the Manston Green Planning application must be received by the Council on 28 February. The developers intend to build 800 houses between 2016 -2022 in 3 phases on a sites adjacent to the Haine Road. The will also provide a secondary school and invest in improving infrastructure, including (although not guaranteed) the donation of land to build a Ramsgate Parkway Station

This is an incredibly complex planning application which is not straightforward. Issues include the close  proximity to Manston Airport and public safety concerns. The rich archaeological heritage of the area. The loss of 50 hectares of prime agricultural land. The loss of open space, habitat and biodiversity.   The location of the development in a flood zone. The need for a Parkway Station and the implications for Ramsgate station and the development of high speed rail services between Ramsgate and Ashford. The lack of affordable social housing in the plans. On balance I am inclined to  oppose this application. I do not think there is a need for such a large scale development. There are plenty of smaller scale brown field sites in Thanet which could be used by developers. I also feel that the provision of more  social rented housing is a higher priority  than the executive style housing to provided at Manston Green. What do you think?

To find out more visit the UK Planning Portal and enter the  code OL/TH/14/0050

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  1. we heard all this cobblers before with WC it's ovebuild and will be rejected