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Monday, 18 July 2016

Ramsgate Live Animal Exports: Shipments Resume Wednesday 20 July 7pm

A live animal export shipment will be leaving Ramsgate Port on Wednesday 20th July. Animal transport lorries are expected to arrive at the port at 8pm. Campaigners will be gathering at the Harbour Approach roundabout (Canterbury Road East) and outside the entrance to the port from 7pm. Please try to be there.
This cruel and barbaric trade has been operating from Ramsgate Port since May 2011. In that time hundreds of thousands of sheep and calves have passed through the port in horrendously cramped conditions, with limited access to food and water, in lorries awash with faeces and urine. The animals are transported on long journeys lasting many hours across the UK and the EU and on arrival at their destinations face a cruel and brutal ritual slaughter.
Some of those involved in this cruel trade from Ramsgate have criminal records for breaches of animal welfare laws. Yet despite being found guilty of animal welfare offences they have been rewarded for their cruelty  by sharing in a £4.6million compensation payment which was ordered by the High Court following action against Thanet Council for suspended this trade in 2012.
If you care about animal welfare please try to join us on Wednesday at the port.  
There is a public meeting on Tuesday 19th July 7pm at the Oak, Harbour Parade, Ramsgate at which will be discussing our campaign to stop this brutal trade. Everyone welcome – young or old.
I hope to see you there Ian Driver


  1. Can the port gates and road tunnel be blocked by cars and vans?

  2. Well said Roger Broad and reg no's etc useful - where are the RSPCA? Animal welfare and 40 sheep getting shot would end this trade from Kent