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Monday, 11 July 2016

Thanet Greens Support Manston Airport Planning Application.

Below is a letter Thanet Greens  sent to the local press about the Stone Hill Park planning application for the former Manston Airport site.
Thanet Green Party is supporting, in principle, Stone Hill Park’s planning application for a mixed use development at the former Manston Airport site.
We believe the development will help to create much-needed jobs and training opportunities for residents, and also attract more investment into Thanet, which for a district with higher than average unemployment is welcome news. The site will also provide much-needed housing to accommodate a growing population and a range of leisure facilities.
But, as with any development, there is always an environmental cost, and we have met with Stone Hill Park representatives on two occasions to discuss this with them.
We have suggested that housing and other buildings on the site are insulated to the highest standards and fitted with solar panels in order to reduce energy use, and that water re-use technologies are incorporated into the design and constructions of all buildings. We have further proposed that the development should be fully integrated into the Thanet bus network and includes safe walking and cycling routes. We have also suggested to Stone Hill Park that their plans should include more trees, and that community allotments should be provided for future residents at the site. Last but not least, we have asked that 30% of the 2,500 units of housing proposed to be built at the site should be desperately- needed social rented properties. Our proposals have been received in an encouragingly positive spirit.
Thanet Green Party believes that the proposed Stone Hill Park development will, if carefully and sensitively implemented, have a critical role to play in the regeneration of Thanet. Our only regret is that many of Stone Hill Park’s proposals could have been completed and be producing benefits for the people of Thanet already, had it not been for UKIP, the Conservative and Labour Parties wasting two years pushing for a CPO of the former airport site when it was clear to most  that this would be unachievable. We believe is it important that this development now proceeds with all speed, subject to all the usual approvals and checks, in order to ensure additional jobs and housing for the people of Thanet.
Yours sincerely
Tricia Hartley, Secretary
Ian Driver, Co-ordinator

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  1. A foolish idea: creating a New Town overbuild when Discovery Park is still only 2k jobs from 6k when it was Pfizer