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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Ramsgate Live Exports 11 August

Over 100 animal welfare campaigners gathered at the Nethercourt roundabout last night to protest against the  export of sheep from the Port of Ramsgate  for ritual slaughter in Europe. At about 11.30pm 7 lorries  carrying approximately 2,500 sheep tried to drive towards the port approach road, but were blocked for a short while by campaigners sitting in the road and standing in front of the  lorries . About 40 police officers were able to clear the way for the lorries which continued their journey to the port where they were  loaded onto the waiting animal ferry Joline for a 4 hour voyage to Calais . It is understood that 3 people were arrested.  Ian Driver, one of the founders of the campaign against live animal exports from Ramsgate filmed the arrival of the lorries. He said “this cruel and barbaric trade  has been taking place from  Ramsgate Port for more than 5 years.  It is evil. It cannot be justified. It  should be banned.  I will continue to protest and take direct action against the perpetrators of live exports  until it is stopped. I would encourage anyone who cares about the welfare of animals to join our protests and stand up and be counted. Driver publishes details of forthcoming shipments on his blogsite Ian Driver’s Thanet and on his Facebook page.  The next shipment is expected in 2 weeks time. It  is thought that 2 shipments per week are likely to be leaving Ramsgate from late August till mid September.


  1. Well done Ian - the roads and port gates should be blocked to stop this awful trade. Where were the RSPCA inspections?

  2. Fantastic turnout. It has to stop and Animal Health condoning that the fans not working on truck no 7 ('It's fine') have, again, shown that they're supporting #AnimalCruelty.