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Friday, 27 January 2017

Super Council = Super Referendum

Proposals to merge Thanet, Canterbury, Dover and Shepway councils into an East Kent Super Council in just 2 years is likely to lead to  one of the most fundamental changes in the how this part of Kent has been governed in over a century.
If it goes ahead the merger  will create the largest district council in the UK. It will be responsible for providing service to a population of over 600,000, which is three times the population of  an average London Borough. The decision to go ahead with this merger will have massive implications for the future of our children, our grand children and their  children. So it important we make the right decision.
I’ve not had the chance to properly read and  evaluate the merger  plans. I hope to do so over the next few days.  I will then blog about my views. However, my initial take on the plans are that they are top down  and designed to suit the needs and interests of East Kent's political establishment and the council officer elite. I’m also very worried by the lack of any proper and robust public consultation process. Its almost as if Kent’s power elite don’t trust the people and intend to force this huge merger on us whether we like it or not.
Whatever my views on the merger might be – pro or anti – I believe that a  democratic/ political change as large,  important ad fundamental as this should not take place without a referendum of the people  being held in  Thanet, Canterbury, Dover and Shepway.
If anyone is interested in joining me to set up a non-party political campaign group to fight for a Super Referendum for a Super Council across East Kent please  contact me on

This is important!


  1. We should have a referendum on such an important massive political change that will lessen the amount of representation we currently have and also increase power with less accountability!!!! This decision was taken over ten years ago and has been insidiously and back handedly brought in by the process of sharing services and the development of the Eadt Kent Housing which is the four Council's creation of a Super ALMO denying residents' a vote on whether they wanted this!!!! Since the creation of the ALMO - standards and accountability have dropped and those in power seem to be a law unto themselves! Even the people who work for East Kent Housing have publicly stated they have witnessed the drop in standards! The same thing will happen with this SUPER COUNCIL - fewer Councillors, less accountability etc... There are other ways to save money!! The creation of a Super Council goes against the whole ethos of Localisation and Communities & Local Government working closer in partnership to forge more balanced, safer, communities!

  2. These council mergers across the UK are very ad hoc and inconsistent and in my view do not really address the issues. I think we need a Regional council for the South East with the local councils beneath the regional council. The local councils being a lot smaller. The regional council being responsible for strategic transport plans in the area as well as housing, Social services and economy. The local councils being more focused on the local delivery of those services. In my view as well is that social care which is currently under local councils is now far more health based and is a better fit under the NHS