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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Work To Start On Ramsgate Pleasurama Site In Spring?

In a response to a Freedom of Information request from former Thanet Councillor, Ian Driver, Kent County Council Highways (KCCH), have indicated that work is likely to begin work on the controversial, 107 flat and 60 bedroom hotel, Pleasurama site which has blighted Ramsgate seafront for almost 20 years, in the spring 2017.
Driver contacted KCCH earlier this year to enquire about the hoarding surrounding the Pleasurama site, which occupies a large section of Ramsgate’s seafront promenade. He had requested that because the development site had lain derelict for at least 6 years, that the hoarding be removed from the promenade and moved back to the perimeter of the development site.

KCCH replied to Driver today (26/01/2017) saying that  “the new site owner, Ramsgate Development Company Ltd (RDCL), applied for and was granted the transfer of the remainder of the existing hoarding licence into their name” and that “we have been assured by the new owner that, subject to some final approvals (expected by early March), they will be position to commence development during Spring 2017. KCCH will monitor and review the situation accordingly and enforcement to remove the hoarding is a potential option at a later stage”.
Said Driver “I am very sceptical of RDCL’s assurances about beginning work on site. The previous site developers, SFP Ventures, who had close links to the new site owners and developers RDCL  said, on several occasions, that they would be commencing work on site, but never did. If I was a betting man I wouldn’t  punt a penny on work beginning this spring, next spent or any other springs”

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    1. If no work has been started in March, then pull the hoarding down..

    2. Something to be done at last???? Fingers crossed

      What about the art work on the hoarding?

    3. If the artwork is there any longer, English Heritage will grant it Grade II listing.