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Friday, 3 February 2017

CENSORED!! Did Thanet Council Push Dreamland Operator Into Insolvency?


  1. Poorly written letter from TDC should really have a link to your blog site / page. They do not know and should not know if you have more than blog site or what exact blog they are talking about. Do they expect you to be a mind reader.

  2. Julianne Assange is very grateful for the material.
    Too little too late TDC.
    Your actions confirm in the mind of the public that you are covering up, and from what they have read they now know. Perhaps you should ask yourselves why this information has been leaked in the first place - it's not because you are trusted. Don't shoot the messenger, implement, open, transparent and honest local government. The degrees to which you go to to conceal your failures is on a par with not facing up to your addiction to stay in power, whatever the cost to the public.

  3. An honest breach of confidence! Not like the continuing breaches of confidence that Thanet District Council incur in the delivery of services and the terrible waste of public money.

  4. What a crock!!!! If everything is open, up-front & done with 'Due Dillegence'' then Ms Homer, IJ & Leader C Wells should have nothing to worry about.

  5. What is the confidential material?

    Does anyone else have a copy of it? Perhaps there's a Tesco bag found somewhere with it in it?

    And which councilor approved Colin Evans' letter?

    Put the material live Ian so we can all copy it and support you...

    Wells must resign now. We can do without Evans and Homer too.

  6. Dear Colin Evans

    You personally and TDC are in breach of statutory reporting duties under Aarhus Convention (Environmental threat to health) and under Terrorism Act 2000 (Grant aid, Planning and Licensing Enforcement) . You are also in breach of Common Law Duties to report under "Misprision".

    Your TDC breaches of Aarhus affect all planning duties. This should have been declared as adverse disclosure under the Civil Procedure Rules when seeking a past injunction against Cllr Driver. I rather think you should check out a legal principle about not being able to enforce the law while breaching the law.

    Kind regards Richard

  7. )8:42 the supposedly confidential material that Wells and Homer are trying to hide was TDC paying £900k in court fines to Sands Heritage...the other costs weren't detailed. Why haven't the Gazette published details before? Ian should leave the costs up until TDC detail exactly which items are confidential

  8. As far as I'm concerned this is definite proof that TDC have something to hide... Time for an independent public enquiry.