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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Labour's Super Council Super Gravy Train.

For once I agree with Thanet Council Labour Group. The plans for the proposed East Kent Super Council are a super-con driven purely by a cost cutting agenda.
But if the proposal is as bad and undemocratic as they suggest  then why on earth aren’t Labour Councillors Matterface, Campbell, Constantine, Fenner and Johnston calling  for a referendum across East Kent so that there can be a public debate and vote on whether this ill-conceived political stitch-up goes ahead or not?   The answer is simple. When it comes to letting  people decide on major political decisions, Labour have a shameful  track record of not trusting voters as witnessed by their appalling anti-democratic opposition to the EU referendum under Ed Miliband.
I also believe that, like all self-interested politicians from across the political spectrum, Thanet’s Labour councillors have a vested interested in allowing, despite their objections, the super council to ahead. After all a super council means super councillors allowances and a super gravy train to ride.  

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