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Friday, 14 April 2017

Ramsagate High St Demoltion.Driver's Drivel or Perloff's Prattle?

Photo Mike Pett/ Thanet Extra
In November 2013 Andrew Perloff, Chairman of Panther Securities Limited , paid for  a full page advert in the local press to personally attack me for publishing a blog post which criticised his company for mismanaging what I believed to have been  an extremely dangerous demolition operation at 81-85 High Street Ramsgate. 
Mr Perloff said in the advert “Ian Driver reported incorrect information, but in his blog of 6th November his fiction has gone a little too far making some vitriolic and personal accusations. The building did not collapse; it was a planned and carefully thought out demolition. We discussed the matter with the local police, carefully planning road closures and we ensures the site was secured”.
Photo Mike Pett/ Thanet Extra
He went on to denounce me for spouting what he described as “Driver’s drivel”. Almost 4 years later and it has now emerged at Canterbury Crown Court that the demolition work at 81-85 High Street Ramsgate was not properly planned or managed, that the police were not contacted about the road closure and that the demolition work placed “members of the public at serious risk to their health and safety” after parts of the building collapsed onto the road. In the face of  overwhelming evidence of dangerous and incompetent demolition practice Perloff’s Panther AL (VAT) Limited and its subcontractor were  forced to admit breaching health and safety laws. The case continues in May and I hope Andrew Perloff and his company are punished to the full extent of the law for putting the lives of Ramsgate residents in danager.
Perhaps the people of Ramsgate can now decide who was telling the truth about this extremely badly planned and dangerous incident Driver’s and his Drivel or Perloff and his  Prattle?

Here's a link my original post.  I stand by every word


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  1. All good things come to those that wait,why is it that nobody in the right places acts on your findings Ian?