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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Ramsgate Schools Face £2million Cuts. But KCC Cllrs Silent

New school funding rules introduced by the Tory  Government  which will take effect in 2018 and 2019 mean that Ramsgate’s 11 schools will face budget cuts of between 4 and 16 percent. In cash terms this means an overall reduction in Ramsgate school funding of £1.9 million over  2 years which is the equivalent to the loss of 57 teacher jobs. Dame Janet Primary has the smallest budget reduction of 4% and Newlands Primary the largest at 16%.

These cuts are a disgrace and will have a devastating impact on the education of Ramsgate’s 7,800 school aged youngsters. I’m amazed that Ramsgate’s current KCC UKIP councillors have remained  silent on this extremely important issue . They were elected to oversee KCCs education service but have done nothing to make their constituents aware of these massive cuts to local schools. This is a shameful dereliction of their duties as democratically elected councillors.
If I am elected to KCC on May 4th I will campaign hard to have the cuts reviewed and reversed, especially in schools serving the deprived areas of Ramsgate.  I will work closely with teachers and parents, other KCC councillors and our MP Craig MacKinlay to raise the plight of Ramsgates schools and the massive £2million  budget cuts at the highest level.
Here are the figures.

Here's my Kent County Council election video

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  1. How can they expect newlands to survive on a cut like that?! Equivalent of 10 teachers...what are they going to do with all the pupils then?