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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Thanet Tops Anti-Depressant Prescription Table

In the week when Prince Harry announced that he has suffered from mental health problems it’s  emerged that Thanet has the highest  per-capita anti-depressant prescription rate in all of Kent and the third highest per-capita anti-depressant prescription rate  in south east England.

According to data analysis company Exasol, in 2016, Thanet had an anti-depressant prescription rate of 1.372 per head of population, the Isle of Wight had a rate of 1,376 and Hastings 1.557. Blackpool had the highest rate in the country with 2.11 prescriptions per head of population and the national average is 1.16.  The data also reveals that there was a staggering 38% increase in anti-depressant prescriptions issued between 2011 – 16, with the number increasing from over 46 million to more than 64 million prescriptions in just 5 years.
The research has also revealed that the highest anti-depressant prescription rates are concentrated in the most deprived areas of the county including the towns and cities of north west and north east of England and deprived, run-down seaside areas in south east England like Thanet and Hasting.  It’s clear to me that the Government’s austerity programme; frozen wages; cuts in benefits and public service; increasing  personal debt;  coupled with the growing housing crisis;  have had a massive impact upon peoples mental health forcing them to turn to anti-depressants to get by every day.
The forthcoming KCC election (and now the general election) gives you the choice to vote for candidates like me who will be focused on promoting and supporting sustainable and environmentally sensitive regeneration in Ramsgate and Thanet and who  will be campaigning for the  investment of  more money to provide better housing, education  and social care for the poorer and most deprived areas of Thanet where people have been arrogantly taken for granted  by UKIP, Labour, and the Tories for far too long.
I think these anti-depressant figures are an indictment on the divided and unfair society we live in. Its time to change it.

Published and promoted by Ian Driver, Independent Candidate, KCC Election, Ramsgate Division. 45 Sea View Road, Broadstairs CT10 1BX  

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