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Monday, 17 April 2017

The Royals, Ramsgate & Mental Health

As a lifelong republican who normally doesn’t have a good word to say about the monarchy, today I find myself applauding Prince Harry. Why?  Because he has taken the very brave step of admitting that he has had mental health problems. In so-doing, Prince Harry has the joined the ranks of Rio Ferdinand, Frank Bruno and Alastair Campbell, who have played a magnificent role in helping  to  raise awareness about, and break the taboo and prejudice surrounding,  mental illness. A problem which many of us, myself included, encounter during our lives.
This an issue which is very important to the people of Thanet and Ramsgate, because according to the Kent and Medway Public Health Observatory (KMPHO) we have some of the highest rates of mental illness in Kent.  The KMPHO has also identified that Ramsgate wards Central Harbour, Eastcliff, Newington and Northwood have some of highest rates of mental illness in Thanet.
Source Mental Health Needs Assessment Thanet 2014 Kent & Medway Public Health Observatory
This is hardly surprising because public health researchers identified many years ago a link between poor mental health and  poverty and deprivation. Sadly Ramsgate has, by any definition, the highest rates of deprivation and poverty in south east England with benefit dependency, unemployment, low wages, poor housing, pensioner and child poverty being some of the worst in the county. To help to tackle this serious health problem both Thanet and Kent County Council need to be focusing on regenerating  the areas most affected by mental illness. We need to focus on improving  the schools in Central Harbour, Eastcliff, Newington and Northwood, providing  more decent social housing and creating more well paid jobs.
But even if we do this,  successive Conservative and Labour governments  have cut mental health services to the bone. So although we are  becoming more aware and understanding of mental health issues the services to help sufferers , young and old,  are massively inadequate. There is an urgent need to reverse these cuts, especially in areas like Ramsgate and Thanet where the need for excellent mental services are the greatest.
If elected to Kent County Council on May 4th I will work with community groups, health professionals, schools and decision makers to help to tackle and reduce the unacceptably high rates of mental illness in Thanet and Ramsgate.
Published and promoted by Ian Driver, Independent Candidate, KCC Election, Ramsgate Division. 45 Sea View Road, Broadstairs CT10 1BX  


  1. How will you create well paid jobs

    1. Good question. Through the expansion of tourism in Ramsgate by transforming the port into a leisure based area and the compulsory purchase of the Pleasurama site and its redevelopment as leisure are too. I'm also a supporter of Discovery Park and the proposed Stone Hill Park which together will increase inward investment and job creation in Thanet. HS1 journey times should also be brought down to an hour less between London and Ramsgate. The abolition of KCC and the devolution of its services and budgets to smaller unitary council will also generate more jobs in Thanet.

  2. Why is Thanet always seems to be at the bottom of all league table in Kent, is it because we have such poor Cllrs and management at TDC?