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Monday, 1 May 2017

No To Grammar Schools

This month two  of the of most influential teaching trade unions, the National Association of Head Teachers  (NAHT)  and the National Union of Teachers (NUT)   both voted to oppose Prime Minister, Theresa May’s, plans to increase the number of grammar schools in England. And they are right! An overwhelming majority of the research conducted into grammar schools concludes that they are unfair, divisive, do not promote social mobility and discriminate against children from poorer backgrounds.

I am not prepared to support a discriminatory  education system which divides children at 11 years old. Nor I am prepared to support an educations  system which unfairly favours children from better off backgrounds. High quality education should be available for all children without selection and free of charge. Every child, irrespective of their family background, should have an equal chance to achieve their full potential.
Having a fair, properly resourced,  and non-selective education system is extremely important, especially in an area such Ramsgate which has some of the highest rates of child poverty in the country and a poor record of educational achievement. If I am elected to Kent County Council on May 4th I will oppose any plans to expand grammar schools and will fight to have existing grammar schools turned into non-selective schools.

Published and promoted by Ian Driver 45 Sea View Road. Independent Candidate Kent County Council Election 4th May. Fighting for Fairness.


  1. Grammar schools are divisive but not on financial grounds. Entrants are judged on their intelligence, not how rich or poor they are!

    1. I must disagree. Research has conclusively demonstrated that the number of children from poorer backgrounds (judged by receipt of free school meals) who attend grammar schools is disproportionately low. This alarming figure proves that grammars do discriminate on the basis of income. Even Kent County Council was forced to admit this when they launched an enquiry into grammar schools last year.

  2. If entrance really is based solely on intelligence, then ban any form of tutoring for the entrance test as defacto cheating which disqualifies the child from attending any grammar school.

  3. I have 2 children. One is in a comprehensive school and the other at grammar (Chatham house). I would definitely state upon evidence as a mother that the children are at the school which suits them the best and they attend based on their exam results. I was at no point asked of my financial situation which is actually a single parent, working class background.
    I am in some agreement of the division this may cause and also contradicts government policies where they are so forthright about ensuring children of all abilities (including those with special educational needs) should work together. Yet find it acceptable to separate them based on ability at an older age.
    However, stating this is based on financial status to me seems ludicrous. Unless you are speaking of those parents who can afford tutors, which in itself is crazy.